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Why Employer Branding Matters to Potential Hires

When it comes to hiring the best travel talent, having a reputable company brand is not always enough anymore. These days employer branding matters just as much. Medium defines employer branding as the public image of a company’s workplace culture, and…

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Digital Transformation is Taking Over the World

Technology is now defining the route which companies need to take in order to stay relevant and is changing at a rate so fast that organisations and to some extent, society is struggling to keep up.  And whilst digital transformation…

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September is looking a lot like January…..

Happy New Year!   Well, it’s finally here – September has arrived, after what was recorded as the longest summer heatwave in the UK since 1976.  After “schools out for summer” is finally over and the new school year has started,…

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How switching your email provider may enhance your job chances

We live in a ruthlessly rapidly evolving world, and few industries evolve quicker than the IT/technology industry. With employers and recruiters often bombarded by hundreds and even thousands of job applications, could something as minuscule as your email address provider…

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Good tech + Understanding talent = Great insight

Personality tests or to use the correct term “psychometric tests” have been around for a long time. The word 'psychometric' is derived from the Greek lexicon meaning mental and measurement. The way in which these tests work has benefited hugely…

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