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Understanding your team and the dynamics within can drive greater performance, collaboration and success. Results show that individuals that can apply their strengths at work are 33% more productive, 44% more effective with customers and 7 times more engaged.

Valuing the impact and power this can have on a business, we have been exploring a new, innovative approach to understanding team strengths and dynamics, to aid not only recruitment of new team members, but also your existing teams.

Dr Amanda Potter, of Zircon, has spent 7 years developing a breakthrough assessment tool which challenges the less agile psychometric testing solutions. We were so impressed by the accuracy of the results, the Gail Kenny Executive Recruitment team are now accredited and certified assessors for the “Be-Talent” suite of products, including Strengths, Decision making, Values and Team insight.

These innovative tools enable us to add even further value as your Recruitment Partner by providing insight into both future potential hires and existing teams.

Get in touch for further insight into this great new tool.

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