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User Experience design, better known as UX design, concentrates on every aspect of someone’s experience with a system.  By putting the user front and centre of their design, a UX designer or UX developer considers how their target audience will physically interact with a system. They look for ways to deliver a seamless, intuitive experience, making sure cumbersome tasks are eradicated.  

The popularity of UX has exploded in recent years with an influx of new roles created within this field. UX researcher, UX writer, UX designer, UX developer, UX architect and UX analyst roles are increasingly popular.

Travel businesses are becoming more aware that great UX Design will help make their online services and products stand out from the crowd. By employing UX specialists, they are taking time to focus on understanding who their customer is and how they behave, before they physically start the process of designing and building something.

Career Foundry celebrate some examples of good UX design in their blog 5 Brilliant Examples of UX Design ( They highlight the importance of communication with the customer. Not only through direct conversations and clear navigation, but also in managing the structure of the content. Providing clear signposts to the user on what their choices are and how they can proceed to the next step.

As a brand, Apple has always been closely associated with good UX. So, it is no surprise to read stats such as:

  • Apple Watch captured 50% of the market for wearables in 2018
  • Apple Pay reached 10 billion transactions in 2019
  • The number of Apple developers today exceeds 20 million

Yet it is reported that only 55% of companies are currently conducting any user experience testing. Intentional and strategic user experience has the potential to raise conversion rates by more than 100%.

If you are looking to invest in your online user experience and drive a customer first UX approach in your teams, get in touch with our technology senior advisor. We have a network of technology specialists including UX specialists who are keen to work with innovative businesses like yours.  

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