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As the travel sector claws its way back towards pre-pandemic levels, companies face considerable challenges hiring top talents. With more job vacancies than the number of job seekers, the market has become highly competitive.

Companies must remember that speed is the game in a candidate-driven market. How fast you can switch strategies to cope with changes can either make or break your company’s growth trajectory.

The Boom of Virtual Hiring

Although previously more common among online freelancers, the pandemic forced companies to transition to virtual hiring practices. Organizations adopted new technologies to meet business demands while adhering to strict health protocols. Everything virtually grew at an exponential rate as businesses exerted effort to recover or maintain operations in this new normal.

In an effort to continue growth while keeping health security a priority, virtual hiring has become a standard practice and boomed as well.

Virtual Interviews and Candidate Flippancy

As more business sectors reopen or resume operations, it gives way to more job vacancies in the market. A downside to this sudden surge of job openings is that it has led to candidate flippancy. One reason for candidate flippancy is negative experience in any part of the job application process.

Candidates can easily decide to forgo an interview or pending application as soon as they see inconsistency in the hiring process. This can also happen if they found a much appealing offer somewhere else.

With more job options, candidates definitely have the upper hand in the market these days. Needless to say, your company’s virtual hiring process must be excellent in order to attract the right market and get positive results.

Candidates and the benefits of virtual work

Studies show that more employees now prefer virtual over in-office work as they’ve experienced remote working for the past two years now. This preference is not surprising as remote work offers many benefits to employees.


In the past, many workers spent a large chunk of time commuting to and from work. With the ability to work from home, employees continue to earn within the comforts of their homes. This allows more focus on home and family life.


Virtual work setups allow people to be productive in their jobs and still have time for their families and other interests. Without the commute, it frees up their time to pursue other important things in their lives.


Virtual work removes the need to spend on fuel and commuting, expensive lunches, and office attire, among many others – a very appealing benefit to many.

Unfavourable conditions in the current candidate-driven market

While employees experience these benefits, businesses face several challenges in today’s candidate-driven market. One is the competition in attracting, hiring, and keeping top talents. With more jobs available than applicants, job seekers have the upper hand. They can demand competitive salaries and favourable work setups, including virtual work and extra benefits.

This power shift is a massive hurdle as recruiters struggle to redirect strategies and methods. With candidates receiving more than one job offer, companies stand the chance of losing premium prospects to competitors. Companies cannot afford to fall behind in the race for high caliber employees.

The cons of overseeing hiring

There are several reasons why companies should think outside the traditional recruitment box. Overseeing your hiring process can, in fact, be a disadvantage. One critical factor is cost. You must consider advertising fees, the recruiter’s salary, software costs, and many other overhead expenses. The duration of the hiring process is also a crucial element in today’s candidate-driven market. Again, speed is the name of the game.

Another disadvantage of overseeing hiring is limited access to your target talent pool. Recruiters need to become experts in emerging technologies to successfully mine candidates in today’s digital world. Needless to say, this approach can take a lot of time and effort that could cost you a candidate.

How to Hire the Best Candidate?

Hiring the best candidate these days entails more than the typical methods recruiters used pre-pandemic. Traditional strategies no longer work. Companies need to advance their practices in order to compete on the recruitment field.

Be focused on what it is you need

What are the roles you need in your search? Be very specific about the positions you are hiring for, including clear job titles and complete descriptions.

Create specific criteria.

Be clear about the qualifications for the roles you are trying to fill. Identify specific skills and capabilities. Moreover, identify ideal values to gauge if a candidate would be a great cultural fit.

Look at the CV

An applicant’s CV can help you more quickly determine if the candidate is who you need. It is your basis for deciding which direction the application is going and screening out unqualified applicants. Check out different functional resumes and how they should look to know what to focus on in your review. 

Conduct candidate-focused interviews.

The candidate-focused interview is a technique that creates a relationship with the applicant. You position them as your number one priority by personalizing each meeting and building from the information they provide.

What you need to know

In a continuously evolving job market, companies have realized that the hiring process can be outsourced. Letting market leaders take the recruitment reins allows them to shift their focus to other crucial organizational functions. Outsourcing your recruitment process can be one of the best ways to support company growth and successfully meet your hiring needs.

A Recruitment Consultancy: You know you need it!

In today’s dynamic job market, companies are battling to keep up with the competition. You may find your own company in this position. However, this is where recruitment consultancies like Gail Kenny Recruitment can help you compete. As a leader in hiring and recruitment with specific knowledge of travel, hospitality and digital, they can propel your organizational growth to greater heights.

From identifying criteria and target markets all the way to the offer/negotiation package stage, you have the assurance that each step is handled with skillfulness and integrity. Gail Kenny Recruitment can work with you to determine the best strategies for securing successful and quality hires each and every time.

Trust your recruitment process with the best in the business, and invest your time and effort where it truly matters.

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