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The one thing we always have to hand is our mobile. If there’s one thing we’ve all been planning over the last twelve months, it’s how to get away. So, despite any concerns you might have about travelling, it’s good to know you can have everything at your finger tips to keep you secure, safe and satisfied. Yes, the world of mobile Apps will keep you happy because it connects you to a bigger world of technology, tried and tested to connect you to a friendly experience to where you’re going, how you get there and what you’re leaving behind.

We all have our favourite destinations yet wouldn’t it be useful to know other people’s favourite places? Whether you want to avoid the crowds, track down the latest trends or find that secret spot, the world will hopefully soon again be able to be your oyster and luckily there are lots of Apps to find the pearls. While search engines access the marketing mishmash on the internet, you might want to consider trusted sources such as Trip Advisor, Trust Pilot or Lonely Planet. By learning from other customer experiences, you can narrow down your selection choice to places, names and experiences to build your itinerary. In the same way airlines, resorts and other key players build a network of integrated partners to package the holiday dream.

Mobile Apps really show their power when you know your destination and are selecting and comparing the options. There is a multitude of choices to be made from transport, accommodation and the underlying options such as meals and tours. There are important regulatory requirements such as passport, visa, insurance, baggage, seating and currency.

Whether you take the tour operators ‘ready-made’ packages, a tailor-made trip or a DIY approach they all rely on technology to enable a multitude of options from which to choose from. Recruiting the best people in travel technology is vital for tour operators, hotels, airlines and travel ancillary businesses.

When we are all allowed to travel again, we are likely to want to be in control and mobile Apps such as TripIt can make sure you have your own virtual personal assistant in your hand … even better it’s in the ‘cloud’. You just have to forward confirmation emails and let the App create a single master itinerary. It means all those addresses, terminal numbers and reference numbers can be found. It can even provide real-time flight alerts, tracking of your rewards program and alternative flights in case your plans change. The technology allows integrated connection to third party applications while still ensuring your personal data is safe.

It’s the detail of your personal travel and hospitality itinerary which delivers the customer friendly experience that you will remember, treasure and tell your friends. Once you’ve arrived at an unfamiliar place there are Apps like Google Maps, Weather and Translate to ensure you know where you are, make the best of it and can understand the locals. Whether you need a taxi, a currency conversion or connection to speak to loved ones, it’s all there on your mobile. Let’s not forget your data package can also connect to your remote devices at home. All this information, security and customised care relies on a connection to an integrated infrastructure.

We all like to capture and share our travel experiences. Mobiles can capture image, video and audio easily. It doesn’t matter if the light is poor, the action is fast or the panorama is too wide. There are Apps to capture every shot in every situation and enough storage space so you don’t worry about overdoing it. It’s easy to keep a daily diary and keep your friends jealous or your hotelier smiling as you post instantly on Instagram, Facebook or Trip Advisor. The ability to capture, select, store, recall, share and review is the most immediate of both customer and supplier experiences.

Once restrictions are lifted it will be possible to go around the world in much less than eighty days. Just like Jules Verne’s Passepartout both the ubiquitous mobile and the underlying technology have set a high customer expectation. The mobile is the passport to an integrated world of technology which allow us to:-

    * Search the sources
    * Select the options
    * Package the promise
    * Deliver the dream
    * Capture and share the memories

Gail Kenny Executive Recruitment are working with several mobile application specialists who have led the design and development of high converting mobile app experiences. If you would like to know more about the technology professionals we represent, get in touch

Author: Clare Watson

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