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@pluralsight shared an insightful Forrester report with us last week. Well worth a read if you can obtain it “The New, Unstable Normal: How COVID-19 Will Change Business And Technology Forever”.  

The report discussed that there will be 5 pandemic driven shifts that will end up altering business and technology forever. Of the five, I would argue four of them pre-date COVID, especially these two: 

  • Customers demanding convenience  
  • Businesses delivering hybrid experience through the use of digital engagement 

But one, really caught my attention: 

  • “4) smart firms will retire technical debt fast and then ride the tech disruption wave” 

We have seen this happening already in travel and hospitality. In an earlier post Trending: New Central Reservation Systems (CRS) are driving better customer experiences and more profitable and efficient operations – Gail Kenny Executive Recruitment ( we identified a trend in the sector to ditch legacy platforms and invest in new tech that will improve future profitability and performance.  

Reservation platforms that offer plugin online booking engines, mobile apps, manage my booking functionality and online checkin are in demand. As are platforms that have comprehensive API functionality. Combine both, and you have a quick route to market. You can enhance your digital presence quickly without needing mega bucks, yet have the benefit of being able to bespoke that digital presence over time. Integrating through the platform API you can, over time, create your own custom user experiences that demonstrate the key values of your service.  

More and more apps are being developed to make things easier for us and our customers. @Vamoos demonstrated a true customer centric approach on a webinar last week, illustrating how features like flight updates and departure gate notifications, can make such a valuable difference to the service your customer experiences.  

If you are looking to retire some of your technical debt and invest in new, get in touch. Our network of technology specialists are keen to work with challenger, entrepreneurial businesses like yours.  

Clare Watson,

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