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Happy New Year!   Well, it’s finally here – September has arrived, after what was recorded as the longest summer heatwave in the UK since 1976.  After “schools out for summer” is finally over and the new school year has started, it feels like a fresh start doesn’t it, but are you ready to press the reset button?!

We at Gail Kenny Executive Recruitment like to celebrate the first week of September.   The shops are full of wonderful autumn clothes, Strictly is back, and we are awash with new dramas (I am hooked on The Bodyguard).   Okay, we are back to work, but are feeling refreshed and reenergised after the summer break.

September is thought of as the unofficial second new year, and like January, more and more people either revisit their January resolutions or make new ones, setting themselves targets for the forthcoming months.   It feels like a fresh start.

My son is a Personal Trainer and says that there is a September surge in clients looking to get fit again – I am in that camp after over indulgence at BBQs and Festivals throughout the summer.   Thinking that eating 2 sausages, 1 burger, piece of steak and a prawn skewer for one meal is acceptable.  Same applies with Whispering Angel (I should have shares in this brand).

Last year, my September resolution was to raise money for charity and GoSober in October which I am proud to say I achieved.  It’s a time when people contemplate moving homes, evaluate their personal relationships, and consider a career change.

September is also a great time to think about learning new skills, upskilling, expanding your network, and finding the life/work balance you perhaps had during the summer break.  In a Survey we conducted earlier this year across a wide number of brands in the Travel Industry, we found the number of Companies who have a flexible working policy in place, or employ staff on a flexible basis is high.   75% of Companies are using Freelance/Interim/Contractors so there is the demand!

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Over the summer you may have been thinking about where you want to work next, and already updated your CV and LinkedIn profile in time for the flurry of new jobs that come onto the market in September.   “Returnships” is the buzz word at the moment so if you are thinking of returning to work after a break, check out companies offering these programmes.

Candidates ought to add to their CV any new skills or experience they have gained.  Spend some time researching brands or companies you would like to work for, and reengage with reputable recruitment agencies.  Many of our clients look to recruit new teams in September – it’s the start of a very busy period for us, which will runs through until the end of November.

We at Gail Kenny Executive Recruitment always welcome new clients and candidates, so do get in touch.

Welcome back cashmere and pumpkin spice lattes!

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