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Without doubt, flexibility is becoming a key driver and consideration for senior level, high performing candidates. But is the Travel Industry embracing the opportunities or missing out on a proportion of this highly experienced, talented resource?

There has been much research and debate on the subject of “flexible working” and the benefits it can deliver to Employers as well as the Employees. Research points to Employers seeing results such as increased productivity, commitment, engagement, and retention, as well as staff wellbeing.

Flexible working isn’t simply for “mums with kids”, there’s a demand across all genders, ages and skillsets for those simply looking to work differently, to deliver the best for their role in a way which is most effective. This isn’t restricted to working from home, there are many varied working solutions from flexible location or hours, job-share, condensed hours or Interim/Contract work.

With significant value now placed on having a healthier work-life balance as we become more time-strapped, a recent survey by Business Matters Magazine showed that three quarters of Brits now say flexible working is crucial. We see this everyday when talking to high skilled potential candidates in the Travel Industry, where a flexible environment is highly sort.

With such greater focus on flexibility when considering permanent roles along with a continually expanding pool of experienced Interim/Contract candidates, the opportunity is there to leverage this to secure the best talent. Our own recent survey  showed that whilst many Travel Companies did have some flexible working in place, this was not consistent and often not at the point of recruitment. In a candidate led, competitive recruitment environment, the opportunity is there for Brands to take a more creative approach on flexible options .

Embracing the changing work place can deliver the best candidates and resources, so, is it time the travel industry truly embraced its talented people and the opportunities this growing flexible and Interim workforce presents when recruiting senior positions?


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