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Technology is now defining the route which companies need to take in order to stay relevant and is changing at a rate so fast that organisations and to some extent, society is struggling to keep up.

 And whilst digital transformation can start with the introduction of new tech, business transformation is inevitable, which can mean a complete overhaul in a company’s products, positioning, business goals and ultimately, talent  

Artificial Intelligence (AI)  is becoming intelligent enough to promote itself in your social media feeds based on your search history or conversations, but this does not mean that the machines are taking over the high street (yet!), as there is still some work to be done for them to figure out how to close a sale. For the time being, agents are safe.

 But how long will it take for the whole travel sector to really embrace the consumer and retail insights you can gain from the swathes of data they receive.

We are seeing a surge in data and insight roles in the travel sector that do not require travel experience and it is an exciting time to cross-pollinate the vast experience of our industry with the new technologies and techniques from others, that will drive new strategies and tactics and intensify competition.

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