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What is UX Design?

User Experience design, better known as UX design, concentrates on every aspect of someone’s experience with a system.  By putting the user front and centre of their design, a UX designer or UX developer considers how their target audience will…

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Why the world is in your hand

The one thing we always have to hand is our mobile. If there's one thing we've all been planning over the last twelve months, it's how to get away. So, despite any concerns you might have about travelling, it's good…

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Coronavirus and the flexible workplace

Travel companies need to have contingency plans in place to contain the spread of the Coronavirus.   Google in Dublin asked the majority of its 8,000 employees to work from home this week and Travel Republic reported a case of coronavirus…

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Why Employer Branding Matters to Potential Hires

When it comes to hiring the best travel talent, having a reputable company brand is not always enough anymore. These days employer branding matters just as much. Medium defines employer branding as the public image of a company’s workplace culture, and…

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