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I don’t know about you, but within Gail Kenny Executive Recruitment, we are busier than ever helping our clients recruit.  There is no winding down for us!  From previous experience, we will still be arranging interviews on Christmas Eve.   It is also a very busy time for HR within our client businesses, not just with recruitment, but also end of year appraisals and the typical tasks.    

We mustn’t lose sight though that this is the perfect time to recognise, celebrate and thank employees for doing such a great job. Christmas is the perfect time to demonstrate how your business is a great place to work and engage with your teams. This is critical as January is known to be the busiest month when it comes to looking for a new job.  Must be those new year’s resolutions!   Instead, you want your employees to return refreshed and motivated in 2023.  

Top Tips:

  • Create a summary of what the company has achieved and its objectives/goals for 2023, making sure you acknowledge and thank your employees for their hard work and loyalty.  
  • Allow flexibility over Christmas in the workplace, whether it be time off paid, or allowing working from home.   Also for those who don’t celebrate Christmas, allow them to swap public holidays over the festive season for days that suit their religion, encouraging inclusivity. 
  • Do not enforce a “use it or lose it” annual leave policy.  Holidays are a must for employees wellbeing.   
  • As I said above, some employees will not enjoy Christmas and cannot be forced into activities.   HR could share details of Mind, Samaritans, Papyrus helplines in internal comms.   This can be helpful and ensure people have somewhere should they need support during the holidays.

Finally given all of the above, it would be remiss of us not to thank both our loyal clients and our amazing team at Gail Kenny Executive Recruitment who have worked so hard to find the very best candidates in challenging recruitment conditions.

Gail Kenny, Co-Founder

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