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It’s not difficult to comprehend that trends in the travel industry drive trends in travel recruitment, but it’s fascinating to see them emerge and the effects they have on the equilibrium between supply and demand for jobs in travel. Take the geo-political impact that is affecting North Africa and Turkey. Do you think there is there anyone recruiting for product manager or contractors with this regional expertise right now? Okay hopefully this is only a temporary trend, but there are some far more permanent trends that have set in. How often do you see a trade sales role advertised these days? Head of Sales, or Sales Director positions managing a sizeable trade sales team covering the whole country were common roles 10 years ago, even 5 years ago. Not now. They are the exception. Most frequently requested senior job searches in travel right now? Digital Marketing Director or Ecommerce Director would definitely be up there. Optimisation Manager, Conversion Optimisation Manager, or Online Trading Manager are hotly demanded roles right now. Head of Call Centre? Yes we still get demand for these roles, but far less frequently, as they get relocated to other lower cost countries. What about SEO? You might have read articles entitled “Is SEO Dead?” Well if you get beyond the title and read the articles, you will know that most people conclude that it’s not, and since we have 3 SEO Manager roles right now, I can tell you that SEO is definitely not dead. It just might be dressed up in a fancy new title like Content Marketing Manager.


Ian Brooks, Director

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