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Is your department overflowing with work at the moment but you don’t have the sign off to hire a new full time member of staff? Have you thought about hiring on an interim basis?

An interim candidate is the ideal solution to your short term problems but can also be taken out of your budget without the usual department sign offs a permanent employee might need. Here are some other benefits of hiring an interim candidate:

With an interim candidate you will get more value for the money. An interim candidate won’t be eligible for the bonus, pension, health care and the rest of the package permanent employees receive. So the employee’s salary will be the cost, without the hidden charges.

Are the next few months the busy time of the year for your business? An interim candidate is usually available right away so you can get the help you need straightaway.

The candidate knows they will only be there for a short period of time so the pressure is on. They will deliver result from day one instead of having the soft landing – playing around with their computer and getting to know every corner of the system before they start the real work. There is no honeymoon period for the interim candidate.

An interim candidate won’t have a long term relationship with the business as they are only there for a set period of time. This gives them the opportunity to give the honest answers, instead of what’s the business wants to hear.

We have a whole database ready for you! Contact us about interim opportunities for more information.

Ida Roeine, Recruitment Executive


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