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Interim, Freelance and Contract positions can provide an effective recruitment solution to today’s business needs, both on a short and long term basis, tapping into immediately available, specialised skillsets.  Recruiting on an Interim basis can solve resource needs when there are headcount constraints/recruitment freezes during the current challenging times within the Industry.

Whether you need to add resource to a stretched area of the business, drive change and transformation, bring in specific skills to deliver a project or cover a role whilst a longer term search is underway, Interim and flexible working solutions can add great value.

In addition to outstanding, talented individuals looking for permanent roles, we have an extensive, experienced talent pool available immediately for Interim positions.

Recruiting the best candidates and attracting highly skilled talent to your company brand at a senior level can prove to be a competitive environment.

Offering a flexible working approach is often sort and valued by experienced, senior candidates – the flexibility enabling them to deliver the best for the role and enabling you the ability to attract a wider pool of the best available talent.

In a recent Survey conducted across a wide number of brands in the Travel Industry by Gail Kenny Executive Recruitment, we found the number of Companies who have a flexible working policy in place, or employ staff on a flexible basis is high:

  • 70% had flexible working hours/location positions.
  • 72% had working from home variants
  • 57% had part time roles

In addition, 75% of Companies are using Freelance/Interim/Contractors regularly or occasionally.

Embracing the changing work place can deliver the best candidates and resource. Contact us to discuss Interim solutions at or call us on 0207 357 6614.

Do you currently have a flexible working policy in place, or employ staff on a flexible basis?

Who is primarily responsible for driving decisions around “Flexible/Interim” working options?

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